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1. How do I care for my JoleiNY Hair?

Treat your Jolei NY hair like you would treat your own hair sis! Shampoo and condition regularly with high quality products and sulfate free shampoos. Also, be sure to deep condition your hair. Use a heat protectant before applying heat with styling tools. Also, sleeping with a satin cap or pillow case is very useful to avoid hair breakage, shedding and thinning.  We also do not recommend you sleep with your hair wet as it will cause it to matte. If you must sleep with your hair wet, please roll it in rods to maintain the style.  This way, you will extend the longevity of your Luxurious JoleiNY Hair.

What kind of hair is JoleiNY wigs made with?

JoleiNY hair is 10A grade Brazilian luxurious hair. Made with the highest quality Virgin hair on the market! 

What is Virgin Hair?

Virgin hair is unprocessed, free of any chemicals ; retaining all cuticles in its original healthy state. 

Will Brazilian hair match the texture of African American hair?

Yes! Brazilian hair is also pretty ethnic so, it matches well with African American Hair.

Will I have a problem with shedding?

We highly recommend that you be gentle with your hair. Depending on the amount of force you use when brushing the hair and how gently you are when washing, you may experience a small amount of shedding. Bleaching can also cause shedding!

Will I experience Tangles?

JoleiNY Hair does not have a problem with tangles but without proper care, you may experience some tangles which is normal! Be sure to always comb your hair when you wake up and before you go to bed. 

How do I prepare my JoleiNY Hair for install?

Pre-Wash and condition your hair with high quality products and sulfate free shampoo.

How often should I visit my hairstylist after install?

For upkeep of your hair install, visit your hair stylist every 3-6 weeks.

How full are the bundles?

All of our bundles are 3.5 oz

How many bundles do I need?

 We would suggest for 14-16 inches: 2 bundles, 18-24” - 3 Bundles, 26-30” 4 Bundles or more.

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How often can I wash my hair?

As often as you like! This is YOUR hair sis!

Can I go swimming with my JoleiNY Hair?

Yes you can! We just recommend that you braid it or put it in a ponytail before getting in water to avoid tangling.

How long will JoleiNY hair last?

Depending on how well you take care of your luxurious hair, JoleiNY hair Will last 6 months to a year or MORE!

Can I color this hair?
  1. Yes! Or course! 

JoleiNY Hair is made with 100% Virgin unprocessed hair so, you can color the hair in anyway you like!

Is #613 Blonde hair high maintenance?

Yes. When you bleach any type of hair, it is more fragile and easier to break off. Blonde hair requires more maintenance with daily moisturizing with light hair oils. Also, using a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner weekly is ideal when maintained 613 Blonde Hair. We highly recommend a professional to bleach your hair!

How to measure hair length:

Measuring how much hair you want is easy! Please refer to our Guide.

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